Our Complete Range


Our Complete Range

House Hold & Skin Care

Monde Group always believes in making superior quality products. Our emphasis is to employ the most effective minimum risk ingredients and eradicate toxic chemicals. We research and work with dermatologists to provide our consumers with vital components and clinically proven products that nurture and protect your skin, so you can upkeep for what's most significant for you.


Make your toilet looks sparkling White

Monde Toilet Cleaner

Monde Toilet Cleaner is the ultimate solution for all your toilet cleaning needs. Unlike ordinary toilet cleaners, our cleaner provides with shiny clean, hygienic, and fresh toilet with every use.

The Kitchen Partner, For a healthier life

Monde Dishwash

Monde Liquid Dishwash enhances your mood and your dishwashing experience with the zesty aroma of Monde liquid dishwasher. Kill 99.9% of germs on utensils and kitchen surfaces and provide exclusive protections against harmful viruses.


Making the clothes spotless

Monde Washing Powder

Monde Washing Powder gives you a superior wash with its unique stain fighters and active particles that help eliminate the toughest stains while taking care of your fabric and its colors, thus ensuring your whites get whiter. Your colors shine brighter for a long time.

War with germs, For a healthier life

Monde Handwash

Monde Hand Wash, containing a naturally derived antibacterial agent, kills 99.9% of germs and provides long-lasting antibacterial and viruses protection. It contains mild cleansers providing a gentle clean for the whole family.


Stop Germs Spread at a pocket-friendly cost

Monde Hand Sanitizer

Monde Hand Sanitizer kills 99.9% of pathogenic germs instantly. Act as a natural moisturizer. Use anytime, anywhere leave your hands refreshed. Protect against COVID -19 virus. Use as often as required.

The mighty nature power

Monde Petroleum Jelly

Monde Petroleum Jelly is clinically proven to help heal dry and damaged skin. Its healing components provide dry skin relief and protect minor cuts. Made with 100% pure petrolatum. It can also be used on stressed skin and sensitive skin and is recommended for dryness associated with eczema.


Monde Defines Beauty that Defines You

Hand & Foot Cream

Monde Hand & Foot Cream restore dry, cracked hands & feet without any sticky residue. Dry skin can cause or worsen cracking, and it's important to remain your skin well hydrated and moisturized.This nourishing cream is a unique blend of organic ingredients and oils that soothe the rough and dry skin of your hand & feet. It creates a protective layer on the skin that helps retain hydration.

Lighter, brighter skin,effortlessly with fruit extracts

Monde Fruit Face Polish

Monde Fruit Face Polish is a natural formula that includes the natural extracts of fruits that make this Monde Fruit face polish perfect for all seasons, adds a natural glow to your skin, and does so without any harmful chemicals. It gives your skin a natural light and makes it brighter, and you look younger.


Flawless Softness and Glow with original cocoa butter

Monde Cocoa Butter

The key to radiant, soft skin is Monde Cocoa Butter Body Moisturizing Lotion. Infused with Monde Deep Moisture Serum, Cocoa Butter, and Vitamin E, this unique blend delivers intense hydration, deeply moisturizing skin for up to 48 hours. It leaves skin with a healthy glow and a lovely Cocoa Butter scent. Smooth away dullness and see radiant skin with just one application.

Enhance your inner and outer beauty with the original Pink rose and goat milk blend

Monde Pink Rose

The Monde Pink Rose Body Moisturizing Lotion is a unique formula blend to moisturize and soothe dry skin. Made with a nourishing duo of soothing Goat Milk with a flowery Pink Rose scent to create a luxurious experience, it locks in moisture and leaves skin feeling silky soft. Apply body moisturizer after shower or bath and soak up the calming fragrance.


Make your skin glow

Monde Rose Water

Natural rose water of fresh rose petals plucked from our own Monde Gardens under the supervision of highly trained gardeners. It contains all-natural ingredients along with rose oil which provides the best skin tone and face glow.

Love your skin naturally

Monde Almond oil

Monde Almond oil is a blend of two essential fatty acids creating healthy, supple skin. It is naturally rich in Vitamin E, having countless applications for the body and face. It cures insomnia, makes the hair grow, blackens & strengthens its roots. Effective for constipation and dryness of intestines. Also, regulate bowel movement.


Magical Healing Power

Monde Coconut Hair Oil

Monde Coconut Hair Oil makes hair thicker, helps maintain natural black color, and prevents scalp itchiness. Darker, stronger, and shinier hair. Prevent malnourishment of hair. It moisturizes and strengthens the hair while preventing split ends, roughness, and dryness.

Treating and Preventing

Monde Glycerin Pure B.P

Monde Glycerin Pure B.P is used as a cleanser for skin that radiates and moisturizes the skin and provides a lasting glow and natural shine to the skin. Useful for the treatment of mouth ulcers and preventing blood diseases.


The traditional formula for skin glow

Monde Classic Ubtan

Monde Classic Ubtan is a traditional herbal paste made by mixing many essential ingredients, including milk, turmeric powder, almond flour, and rose water, in certain quantities. It is encouraging the young ones to make it a permanent addition to their skincare routine for smoother skin. It helps in tightening up pores, removing dark circles, acne, and wrinkles.

The Fragrance of Multani Soil

Monde Multani Mud

Monde Multani Mud powder deep cleanses your skin to remove blackheads. It improves your skin tone, complexion, and controls excess oil. It also reduces the size of your pores to give you much smoother skin and remove the dark circle around the eyes.